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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Work Space {link up challenge #7}

you arrived quicker than I ever would have thought!

I'm so darn excited for this one!
We've made it through the trenches {hello, writing out our goals and hindrances}, we've climbed the mountain, we've made it through the swamp, and 

But first!
Head on over HERE to enter the first day of SBM's
to celebrate and support small business ownership!

Okay, let's get a-goin' on showing off these work spaces!
{are you ready for mine?}

I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling a little bit timid about posting these pictures, considering I really have no specified "space," per say, but rather just a general area of chaos where I have plopped down my sewing machine.
I have basically disrupted where my family eats breakfast, lunch and dinner.
{sorry, honey!}
Yep, that's what I've done.
My poor husband. Now whenever the three of us sit down to eat an actual meal together we are all catty-corner around the table. It's quite awkward, but you can't just get up and move a sewing machine everyday, now can ya?
So on the kitchen table it sits.

But first, here is where I start the process:
{all these pictures have quite poor photo quality...Major lack of natural light}

Messy, eh? Well, here is where I cut patterns, pin fabrics, disrupt the flow of traffic in the hallway, you know, normal stuff like that.
Honestly though, I love this "work station." Not only can I stand and talk with my man while he's sprawled out on the couch, but I can also watch my shows or stand guard over the little man while he rolls around on the floor. It's quite the perfect position, albeit slightly in the way of our lives.
{and overflowing....onto the couch....}

Once the cuttin' and a-pinnin' is done, I move on over to my nook, where I can still see the living room and am surrounded my natural light. 
Look! I even have an advantageous view of the plants I'm babysitting for my mother-in-law which, by some miracle, have not rotted yet!
plants in my house that are not dead = success!

Ahh, and my view of the kitchen.
You know, I literally CAN NOT sit down to sew unless all the dishes are done. It's like the forces of nature won't let me do it. Which is a good thing, I'm thinking.
{Can I just insert here that my kitchen table AND chairs was a $40 find? It just needs a good old fashioned refinishing, and she'll be set to go!} 

And in real life.....Here's the ole' sewing machine just hanging out with the family.
Like she does
Yep, she just sits there and joins in on family fun times.
Carter doesn't mind, but I'm sure Chad is just a tad bit sick of her constant presence. 
Ahh, family LOVE.

So there you have it:
my minuscule work station!
And even though there has to be quite a bit of re-configuring in order for me to be able to sit down and actually sew a stitch, it makes me very happy.
happy, happy, happy, happy.

Now I'm SO EXCITED to see yours!


{Have I ever mentioned that these sort of things are my favorite types of link up parties? They are just so darn fun!}

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  1. You know what - I LOVE your work space. It's real. It's life. It looks like home, and since you have a home-based business, it's PERFECT.


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