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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

so you know what that means.....
Oh, how I love it!
It's all just so awkward
and so awesome, all at the same time!
Let's get goin', eh?

{Even though this is a precious picture now, it took us the entire photo shoot to perfect. I have tons of the same picture, just botched versions of it} 


* Feeling like your stomach could literally pop. As in, my lower region feels like if I were to brush up against some sharp edge on accident, it's sayonara smooth skin forever. Forgive me for the blatantly obvious nature of this one, but seriously. This is nuts. I just passed the 26 week mark! What is it going to be like a measly ten weeks from this day? At that point, I will still have four weeks to go! What is going to happen?? What sort of abyss should I prepare myself for?? For heavens sakes!

* My eyebrows spiraling out of control. Okay, here's a cool fact: I have such tame eyebrows, I RARELY need to service those babies, and combined with their extremely light color {Hello, bitter}, I could really go a good six months without touching them. Honestly! But, if I stretch it that far, they get crazy. I'm talking bushman. They make my entire face look different, and it drives me nuts. That's what's going on right now.

* Me almost dropping Carter in the grocery store parking lot. I know. This is one of those things that EXTREMELY new parents fear, but alas, it's something to worry about even 21 months into the whole parenting gig. I was trying to swing him from the cart into his seat and somehow my left arm slid from it's secure, arm pit position, and the little guy almost fell. I was embarrassed, even though I'm sure no one was watching. Horrendous.

* Forgetting my golden rule of pregnancy: No, Nicole, that McCafe did not actually fill you up with good, nutritious food, but rather is playing with your mind to make you think you're full. Seriously, this is the compromise I made with myself at the beginning of my McCafe journey {well, the pregnancy portion of it, anyway}. You know how coffee can curb your appetite? Well, that's not okay with me while pregnant. All it does is produce some hideous monster that used to be Nicole. The other day I was so entrenched in whatever the heck I was doing that I forgot to eat. FORGOT! ME! Before I realized it, it had been four hours since my last meal. Four hours = death. I went nuts. I ripped apart my kitchen in a feeble attempt to make up for lost time. It didn't matter though; the damage had been done and Babe #2 was mad at me. The rest of my day was awful. Awful.

{So awesome: Chad with six-week-old Carter}


* Having Tuesday be a COMPLETELY DOMESTICATED day. Oh my gosh, the domestication! Chad and I woke up at 7:30 to rain {rain!}, and before Carter even woke up, I made cheesy croissants with bacon while my man got ready for work. THEN, after staying inside ALL DAY LONG with my Babe, playing, vacuuming, and continuing our counting adventure, I made some sort of beer chicken from an Oktoberfest Sam Adams which made the house smell heavenly {my goal was to not have to leave the house for the store, so options were limited}, with a salad and sweet potato fries. Afterwards, when the man left for class, I was going to start baking cookies, but sadly, I realized I couldn't because we had run out of eggs. Sheesh!

* Our shows coming back in full swing. Hello, NBC Thursday night line up. Hello, 19 Kids and Counting. Hello, The Little Couple. How I've missed you all.

* Approaching the 27th week of Babe #2's life! So amazing. This one is a feisty little one! He/she moves around constantly, and it makes me smile all day long.

* The Milk Duds waiting for me in my fridge. 

* Everyone's support for Small Business Month, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or just on this here blog. Thank you so much! I.Love.It.

* Chad missing Carter like crazy. I know this isn't exactly awesome, per say, but there's just something so sweet about it. The poor guy has work all day then goes to class three nights per week until 10:00, so there will be stretches of days where sometimes he only sees Carter for a total of 15 minutes. He always begs for me to keep him up just a few more minutes so they can have man play time, and I love it. It kind of makes me want to cry just thinking about it. Tear.

* The three of us watching Dumbo together and me bursting out in tears when the mama elephant was torn away from her baby. Does anyone remember that movie?? Chad bought it because it was out of the vault, and MAN, IT.IS.SAD. The reason this is in the "awesome" category is because part of those tears was me picturing us sitting on the couch while it was raining outside under a big huge blanket. Heavenly.

* Me pulling out this crazy portfolio I had to complete for my capstone class in college. Who says you never use your major! More on that to come.

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  1. Man, I totally here you on the eyebrow thing. Having light ones is both a blessing and a curse...

  2. You are too funny!! And did I mention completely adorable?? Love this idea for a post. I'm a new reader so I've got lots of fun catching up too do :) Can't wait to link up for business challenge #2 !!


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