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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What We've Learned {link up challenge #8 - our last!}

Holy moly.
We've made it.
we are badasses, that's for darn sure.

First of all, if you haven't done so already, head on over HERE to join the FINAL day of SBM's 
designed to celebrate small business owners in all of their awesomeness.

But let's get going here on our final final final final final FINAL challenge:
what have you learned from Small Business Month, and what were your favorite moments?

Oh, man. Where do I even begin?
I'm going to go bullet style, ya dig?

* Ashley from The Shine Project's mantra: Work smarter, not harder

* Casey Wiegand's emotional take on getting through sticky life situations, and how that can be applied to running your small business.

* The fact that writing out our goals was difficult for Honestly! I know this is sort of depressing, but we all had this in common. Every post had something about how difficult it was to write out those darn goals! But guess what? We all did it, and that IS AWESOME.

* The hilarious stories I read about people's first sales. I was just sitting here at my computer desk cracking up like a crazy woman. 

* Gussy's advice on hiring help to help your small business grow. It was first hand information, and that is always the most valuable.

* Finding out that someone had opened her shop in the midst of Small Business Month, AND made her first sale. Cheers, girlfriend!

* The ladies I have been in almost constant communication with for the past month. It has TRULY been a pleasure!

* Finding out that people love supporting small business. They do, they do, they do, they do, they do! {Hello, outrageously successful giveaways!}

* Reading the words, "be a GOOD person, and GOOD things will follow" from Heather of Just.Lovely.Things. True that, girl, true that.

So I guess I just compiled a list of my favorite things rather than what I learned, but you know what, I'm okay with that, because like I said,
due to the great success of this past month, and who needs to get specific right before hitting the town for a few cocktails?

I can't WAIT to read what you have to say!


And if you didn't catch wind of this yet, we have ONE LAST Q&A session coming from none other than a 
{hello, ultra enjoyable post!}
and that will be the official end to what has been a wonderful month!

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  1. Thank you, Nicole, for hosting such a wonderful event! And for inspiring me to go for it!



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