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Monday, November 21, 2011

Apple pickin' + this past weekend

The last few days have been exactly what I've been needing, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!
On Saturday night Chad surprised me with tickets to the Blue Man Group followed by appetizers and drinks {well, you know, a water with lemon for me!}, and then yesterday morning Chad took over, allowing me to sleep in {truly a lost art}, then we went on a brisk walk {which was much needed, let me tell you}. THEN we went on a little trip inland and into the mountains for some apple pickin', all followed by a MOVIE NIGHT with my sister! 
Yep, it was a good weekend and exactly what the doctor ordered: some time outside of my house with my favorite people.

Here is how our little family date went at Oak Glen!
{where the apples are ripe for the pickin'!}
{even though we bought ours....from a barrel....inside a general store....but we felt like we picked 'em, and that's what counts!}
 Hooray! We're in the car and ready to go!

Completely unbelievable. As soon as I opened my car door at our first stop I sort of freaked out. Holy moly.

 Once we dashed inside and I stopped shaking, I found this precious tapestry!

 And this fella!

 Then, after a nice lady told me how to make the PERFECT apple pie, she gave Carts a little treat!
{SECRET: combine 2-3 different types of apples together, and you will surely get compliments. A standard pie can handle about 6 apples.}

 The loot for Thanksgiving dessert!

 My Babe, chomping away at his favorite fruit.

 Then we decided to meander over to Apple Annie's and grab a bite to eat. Ahh, it was precious. There was a picture of John Wayne on the wall and everybody was friendly. Hi, I love small towns.

 The goods!

 I will never get sick of these sorts of vintage-like signs. My next dwelling is going to be covered in them, that's for darn sure.

It was humongous! I couldn't believe it!!
Insanity....And probably not the healthiest of choices on them menu.
But hey? It was DE.LISH and well worth the extra 10,000 calories.
Plus, it satisfied Babe #2's insatiable appetite, so win-win.
{and for some odd reason my stupid computer isn't letting me upload Chadly's chicken fried steak, but it was along the same lines as my pot pie: outrageously large.}

Honestly, such a great couple of days. Now I feel rested and ready to go for the next few weeks! Yay!
{and trust me, in this rested state I shall surely report on Breaking Dawn AND the Blue Man Group}

And remember that TUESDAY is Small Business Day,
so link up ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that has to do with that SMALL BUSINESS!
promote yourself, like a madwoman, is what I always say!

Small Business Day
I can't wait to see what you've got, especially because last week's updates BLEW ME AWAY!
so awesome.

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  1. wow, that pot pie looks ah-mazing!

  2. FUN! I love apple picking! Too bad the snows already flown here in MN or we'd be out there picking apples too!

  3. Apple picking looks so fun! And seeing the Blue Man Group is on my life list! Someday..... :)

  4. Um that pot pie looks AMAZING to say the least! Sounds like you had a well rester {well deserved!} weekend! apple picking is so fun..we did that when I was younger. Love all your pics! Especially your little mans hat, a-dor-a-ble!

  5. Sounds like SUCH a fun weekend and your baby really has got to be the cutest little guy EVER!

  6. Looks lovely. Apple orchards, general stores and chicken pot pie sound like some country comfort goodness. Your baby is so darling in that hat. and mahalo for the apple pie tip! aloha, malia


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