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Friday, November 18, 2011

in a funk

Is there anything worse than being in a funk?
I don't think so.
I was raking through my last few posts, and man, I have become straight up depressing.
Thank you for even gracing my despondent-as-of-late blog with your hilarious comments and sweet words. 
I mean it!
I wish I was up to my old, crazy, blog-obsessed self where I was commenting like a mad woman, laughing like a psycho from my computer chair at other people's jokes, and just being an all around fool on the blogosphere.
But alas, I have slowed down, and it's sort of a bummer.

And I mean I have SLOWED down.
Almost in every aspect.

But guess what? That's life, and I need to stop being such a down-in-the-mud type of chronicler-o-my-life, because let's face it, there's not much to complain about over in these parts. I have two healthy kids {well, one who's almost two and one who isn't even born yet}, food is in the fridge, and my man comes home with good news almost every single day {yesterday's being that he stopped and got pizza and chicken fettuccine alfredo on his way home}.

Here are some other things I should be happy about, instead of focusing on my down-in-the-dumps 'tude:
* My mom is coming over tomorrow at 9:00 am to help me clean the blinds!
{words cannot describe the happiness felt by those simple words}

* Chad and I are POSSIBLY going on a date tomorrow night!
{what does one even do on a date nowadays? take a drive down to make-out point? drink milkshakes down at the diner? exchange lavaliere pins? maybe Chad will give me his class ring!! oh,, no we're already married and almost have two babies....hence me having no clue what one does on a date nowadays.....JUST KIDDING! sort of!}

* It's cold and gloomy outside! My favorite!
{who needs sunshine! I'm sick of it!}

* My sister and I have a Sunday night date schedule to see BREAKING DAWN!
{cheers to this fact for two reasons: a) GIRLS' NIGHT! and b) my favorite vamps are back!}

* I have thoroughly cleaned the sink in our bathroom!
{although this should be on my weekly TO DO list, it just so happens to not be, and it makes me ultra happy to see that facet shining away!}

* Tomorrow I will hit the 33 week mark!
{which reminds me that I need to document this pregnancy a little bit better!}

Okay, that made me feel darn good,


  1. Would it make you feel better if I awarded you The Sunshine Award? Cause I am...cause you rock...

  2. Ha Ha- We all have those days or in my case sometimes weeks!!!! Hope you start feeling better. BTW- a clean sink isn't on my daily to do list either, oops :(

  3. i laughed out loud several times on this one - so, thanks :)
    first, jealous about your girls night. i want to see that movie and i think i am going to have to twist my husband's arm to go. and hire a babysitter.
    second, i love the thankfulness for the small things - those are the most fun posts to read!

  4. 33 weeks - that's great! And I know what you mean about date nights :)

  5. We all go through it, hang in there! You'll come back around and all of your adoring readers will still be here. :) It sounds like you are going to have an awesome weekend, ENJOY!!

  6. I need to do this!!!! The last 48 hours have been funky to the max over in my world!! Blah! But seeing you post things you should be happy about makes me try to do the same- so thank you for that!

  7. I am feeling down today too but your post reminded me to re read my thankful post I just did a few days ago and refocus my thoughts!

  8. Yayyy for sisters. Enjoy your time together. And you have no idea how my blinds need major clean up, I wish my mom would be up for the task but that would require a LOT of convincing..I think they will be staying dirty of little while longer... ;)


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