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Monday, November 28, 2011

The halls are decked

{Tom the Turkey III, showing off his aromatics made by moi} 

Man, what a weekend!
It truly was wonderful from beginning to end.
Not only did we only have to travel to ONE family per day on Wednesday and Thursday to celebrate T-Day
{something completely taken for granted during the pre-marital days},
but it just kept getting better as it went!

 {Chadly basting Tom, per the Voltaggio brother's instructions}

Here's how it went:
Even though it was a bummer Chad had to go into work on Friday, he came straight home and made 
which is basically a humongous pot of spaghetti filled with a super meaty sauce.
{we didn't take home any leftovers from either one of our parent's house because we had plans to make our own Tom on Sunday.}
So that night was nice because we ate our mansghetti and continued on with Star Wars.
{All you people who know what I'm talking about! That night we watched the DEPRESSING ONE. The younglings, oh the younglings!}

{Ahh, the wonderfulness!}

So come Saturday, Chad had to go into work again, but that's okay because we had a date that night to go Christmas shopping while the tot saw Happy Feet with Grandma C!
Our goal was to hit up the sales still going on at Toys-R-Us.

At first I was excited about this unbridled shopping time specifically catered to my tot, but man, it was actually really stressful!
First of all, I was trying to shoot for educational toys, which was completely ridiculous because they were like $100 a pop, so I ditched that plan.
Then, there were just so many options! 
Should we get him THIS Toy Story table, or THIS one? Should we buy him football action figure thingys, or football CLOTHING? Is it too much to purchase one of those humongous blow up playhouse things with balls included??
Where the hell are we going to keep these things, now that I think about it??
That was me. In the store. Slightly freaking out. 
But in the end it all worked out, and I can't WAIT to show what we got for him!

Now Sunday was upon us and, bright eyed and bushy tailed from our good night's sleep, I took a Purebarre class in the morning, then we headed off to pick up the Little Man from his sleep over adventure.
We then got crackin' on our own Thanksgiving meal, complete with Tom, my man's awesome homemade green bean casserole, mashed potatoes AND scalloped potatoes, and stuffing.
{Oh yeah, and I failed miserably at making peppermint bark. Boo.}
{and the best part about Sunday?}
We got ourselves a tree and decked the halls!
{pictures, of course, to come}

Anyway, I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend full of love, Star Wars, and the people who make you laugh!

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