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Saturday, November 5, 2011


{There I was during my first pregnancy.....You know, just in the living room}

Can you believe this? Well, that's what I should be able to do by the time I hit 40 weeks if I keep up my new favorite thing to do on my non-Purebarre days:

{I bought this baby when I was pregnant with Carter, and yesterday was the first day I actually did it from beginning to end!}

The reason I never did it when I was pregnant with Babe #1 was because of the actual counting down of kegel action WHILE WE WERE WORKING OUT! Creepy! But now I am a mature woman in the midst of her second pregnancy, so I decided to give it another shot, and you know? 
The group kegel-ing wasn't as creepy as it had once been! 

So do you not want to be my friend anymore since I've discussed kegels in conjunction with working out?

{Come back to me, chic clothing}

Pencil skirts and heels, ME MISS YOU!
In the words of my husband on the couch last night: it's the little things.
Don't worry, sexy-vintage-Nicole! You will make a come back soon, and then you'll miss being pregnant!
Ahh, the cycles.


This show is no joke.
Watch it on Sunday and then email me immediately so we can discuss. 
Writer's of LOST, I knew you would never lead us astray!


  1. You definitely did not lose me as a friend for this post, if anything I like you MORE! My goal is to do crazy yoga poses when I'm preggo, that would be IDEAL.

  2. Definitely agree with you on pencil skirts & heels. One of my co-workers told me about Once Upon a Time and I am officially obsessed! It's such an amazing show! :)

  3. AGREED with your Once Upon a Time obsession! It's the greatest show since. . .well since Lost!!!! :)


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