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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

small business DAY is here!

Are you ready to promote yourself like a mad woman?

Okay, here is what Small Business Day is all about:
- to promote the new products you placed in your shop this last week - 
- to network with other small business owners - 
- to celebrate the overall presence of your Etsy/Big Cartel/ANY online retailer shop with new groups - 
- to share advice you may be harboring, to get advice you may need
- to elaborate on those GOALS we wrote out last month - 
- to share the silliness that was you for those first twenty minutes after you realized you made your first sale -
- bottom line: the basic promotion of your sassiest, Beyonce-style, INDEPENDENT WOMAN, money-making self -

What makes a Small Business?
Where do I even start?
How about......your Etsy Shop??.....Or what about.....THAT BLOG OF YOURS!.....Or maybe even.......those delicious bake sale items you make a profit off of every weekend??
The list goes ON.AND.ON.

If you're still a little unsure, and are new to these parts, just link up WHATEVER YOU WANT, and then come back next Tuesday with inspiration out the ying yang about how you want to promote the overall awesomeness that is you!

{I started Small Business Month on October 1st of this year, and because of the several AMAZING relationships I fostered from that experience, I wanted to keep it going. I initially wanted a community of women who may not necessarily think of themselves as SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS because they have twelve kids and work from home, to have a forum where they can ask questions, find advice and basically to take themselves seriously as money-makers within their own home, and I'm happy to say that my initial want was met. I loved our little community during the month of October, and SMALL BUSINESS DAY is where I hope to see more growth and development in that realm. Bottom line: I can't WAIT to chat with you about your small business!}

Grab a button and link up, lady!


{and a pretty pretty SMALL BUSINESS DAY button is coming soon!}


  1. New follower-what a fabulous idea! LOVE!

  2. I was undecided so I added both. I hope that's allowed. If not, feel free to delete one or the other. :)


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