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Monday, November 21, 2011

Date night, baby!

Words cannot describe how much Chad and I needed a date night this last weekend.
I mean, it was NEC.ES.SARY.
Surely if we had waited one more week, my left leg would have fallen off or something gruesome and horrible like that, all because we had failed to delegate enough alone time to ourselves. Man, oh man, we just NEEDED it.
But anyway, here is how our wonderful night went:
{all pictures are compliments of various date nights......Here we were in Vegas!}

Of course, we must begin with the babysitting situation, as nothing in life is secure without that precious person, ready and willing to watch your tot while you and your man snatch some alone time.

So it all started on Friday afternoon when I asked my mother-in-law, who is awesome beyond awesome in the babysitting realm, but she had already made plans for Saturday night. SHOOT! That's okay, though, I still have a bajillion people I could ask....Except I didn't want to inconvenience anybody...Hmmmm?? 
Then, through a casual conversation with my good ole' sister, she jumped at the opportunity to bring her toddler up my place and watch Carter! JUST LIKE THAT! I nearly jumped out of my skin out of pure excitement!
Problem solved, busta.
{ahh, sushi, how I miss you!}

Okay, it's Saturday morning.
T-7 hours until Chad comes home from work and we can start our DATE.
But what should we do? There are no movies out that would interest that man of mine, and Breaking Dawn had already been reserved for a date night with Gina {said sister}. Should we just go somewhere and eat all night? That didn't sound too fun, especially since I'm near capacity in the weight sector of this pregnancy. Should we take a drive? To where? Lame. What the hell should we do???
{Vegas, yet again, with a few friends}

So I texted Chad asking him what he was in the mood for, and this was his response:
I'm not sure, Babe.
Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah.
Was he not feeling our date night anymore? Had he had a hard day at work, and just wanted to relax on the couch? Had he become indifferent to how we should spend our glorious night together, sans tot?
NO! I didn't care if I had to drag that guy out of the house by his ears, HE WAS GOING ON A DATE WITH HIS NOW DESPERATE WIFE!
{super casual date night, and probably shouldn't even be called one: going on a walk with Boomer}

Luckily for me though, the guy had just been a little too tied up with paperwork at that point to send an over-the-top, excited-sounding text {which, thanks to these hormones, deeply perturbed me}. Whew. Okay, we were back on track. Chad then came home a few hours later and dropped the bomb: 
he surprised me with tickets to see the

So I got all dolled up, stuffed my feet into some cute flats which reminded me what it was like to wear heels, waited for my sister to get there, and left without one ounce of that annoying guilt that I seem to still experience when I leave Carter voluntarily! 
{on the good ole' 22nd birthday!}

Next, it was off to the THEATER {the theater, darling, the theater}, where we learned all 5 Rock Concert Moves, including the one where you lift your leg behind your head. Totally normal.

And last, but certainly not least, we got a few appetizers at Fridays, where we discussed Chad's awesomeness at work, my almost animal-like need for some ME time as of late, and how it's going to be difficult to handle if Carter is sad when the new one arrives, even though we know it will all be totally fine in the end.
{and who the heck knows what we were doing right here....we are weirdos, but awesome nonetheless!}

It was a GREAT night, to say the very least, and I am so incredibly THANKFUL for the people around us who are able to help us out in the babysitting realm!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear it all worked out! Date nights are so important as is time for yourself.

  2. YAY! So glad you got out for a date night, girl. Cory and I need to do that sometime soon-- I think we're reaching that oh-my-god-we-need-a-date-night-before-my-left-leg-falls-off point too!

  3. Sounds fun! I have always wanted to see the Blue Man Group!


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