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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

Let's get going!

{even though I love every single one of my wedding pictures, let's just get it out there: SERIOUS POSES ARE JUST NOT MY THANG. I have a ton of these semi-awkward I'm-trying-to-be-a-demure-bride shots}

* My overly emotional week. When I get emotional, I get super high strung, and it's to the misfortune of whoever's nearest to me. Poor Chad.....Poor, poor, poor husband.

* Blushing! There was an abundance of this most hated of attributes making an appearance this week. Seriously, face, stop turning red just because someone asked you an off the wall question! It's annoying, and that sort of behavior should have been left somewhere in junior high! Why, face, why?? 

* This time change. Not only does Carter wake up WAY too early, but I want to go to bed at 9:00 every night! NO! That's my time with my man! 

* Me basically just letting my responsibilities go slack. Sorry dishes, you're going to have to wait until Chad comes home. Sorry emails, I'm going to have to answer you whenever my eyeballs don't feel like falling out of my head. Sorry laundry, I can't even give you a ball park day and time you may get done. Sorry missed calls, you probably won't get a call back until sometime next week when I've pulled out of this fog. Sorry life, I have checked out and the only thing I care about nowadays is the fact that Michelle Duggar is having her 20TH CHILD! 

{my husband's wedding party. Aren't they cool? It's also totally awesome that I'm the only one posing right here}

* Having the ONE THING I ACCOMPLISHED THIS WEEK be that I took Carter to an WONDERFUL mommy and me tumbling class! Seriously, those 55 minutes were just beyond. It blew every mommy and me I've ever tried out of the water. The moms were sweet, the teacher was fun, and my Little Man was a darn pro at all those obstacle courses! PROUD MAMA MOMENT, BIG TIME!

* Chad being a total badass both at work and school. {excuse my french}. Seriously, every single night I feel like he comes home and tells me yet ANOTHER awesome thing that happened during the day. All of which leads me to believe that I own at husband picking.

* Finishing up a diy that will be showing it's happy face this coming Monday, a day before our first Small Business DAY linky party!

* Enjoying my crunchy roll on Sunday night, even though I wanted to shoot myself come Monday.

* Going on a coffee date with my sister for her BIRTHDAY! {Hi, Gina!}

* Actually having a plan to cook tonight. I know....Call the papers!

* The 19 Kids and Counting that is waiting for me on my DVR.

* Watching new shows with my man and us BOTH ACTUALLY LIKING THE THEM {at the same time!}: Up All Night, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, The X Factor........I can't think of what else, but there are more!

* Knowing that if you drink water, you won't retain water, and let me tell you, this fact has done wonders for me post-Sunday night's indulgence.

* Carter swinging like Tarzan from the rope during our tumbling class! I just can't get the cuteness out of my head!


  1. We didn't do ANY posed shots mainly for this reason. When we tried we just looked weird.

  2. I completely agree with the Time Change issues!! Craziness! Can't we just be Arizona and call the whole thing off altogether? I mean seriously! Ug! :) But Awesome and Awkward ROCKS!!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  3. Okay, you are gorgeous and your wedding pictures are gorgeous! :) I LOVE your blog and you are hilarious! Like me.... JK! ;) Really though, I am totally following your blog too and can't wait to keep reading. Your little boy is ADORABLE and I can't get over that furry hat he's wearing on the sidebar. SO CUTE! :)

  4. haha Ok I was laughing at your awesome post!! Im pretty sure I love thursdays now just cause this post was so funny! First of all...I cannot either, belived that Michelle Duggar is having their 20thhhh child! Whaaat?! How does a human being have over 8 kids for that matter? Big props to her though! You and Your wedding dress is georgous! My hubby and I LOVE all those tv shows... also adding in some Depersate houswives & Greys for me : ) That tummbling class sounds like a blast! Hooray for Akward/awesome Thursdays!

  5. I have always wanted to do a tumbling class with the kids. It looks like so much fun. It's on my mental "to do someday" list. :)

  6. Ok, we looooove Once Upon A Time. I thought at first that it didnt look that good, and how could they possible keep this going... LOVE! :) Happy Thursday!

  7. You're GORGEOUS!!!! Even the "awkward" picture is stunning!


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