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Monday, November 7, 2011

Don't do this while pregnant.

Don't go dipping your crunchy roll in excessive amounts of soy sauce.
You WILL puff out like a balloon, and your body will hate you for it later.

Don't get mad at your husband for providing you with too many pillows on the couch after you specifically said to "Grab me pillows to prop my feet up! Why are you laughing?? This HURTS!"
You WILL look back on those snippy comments and think to yourself, "Okay, was that much intensity really needed?" No, no it wasn't.

Don't think that just because you had restful night sleeps with your first child, you will enjoy that same luxury with your second.
You WILL be irrationally angry in the middle of the night for assuming such a thing, and acknowledging the fact that a pulley system would be more efficient in the process of rolling over will not help you reach your relaxation goal.

Ay yi yi.


  1. hahahahaha :D I'll try to remember those whenever I get pregnant.

  2. oh man your bringing me back to my pregnancy memories lol i feel for you


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