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Friday, November 4, 2011


This week = family time to the max,
{just the way I like it}

We sang, we danced, we loved, we laughed, we walked, we swelled {well, one of us did at least}, we chatted, we did it all. It was just one of those great weeks, even though mommy was exhausted for the majority of it. 
Anyway, let's get our Insta on!

 {Hello, Balboa Fun Zone, I've lived here my entire life, and this was only the second time I've come to see you}

 {The Christmas decor that I'm pretty sure is on display 3-6-5}

 {You know, it ain't bad living here, it ain't bad}

 {My Babe exploring}

 {The men of my life}

 {The book Carter thought would be cool because it has a doggy on it - a "boo," actually - until he discovered....}

 {......that it was pictureless. Mom? Mom? Boo? Boo? Ahh, my little love bug}

 {Chad the other day informed me that Carter knows exactly which utensil things go with the mixer, and at first I was little perturbed, thinking thoughts like, "how come my baby is messing with electronics," but then I realized that if I store them at his height, they're basically free game. Well, the other day he showed me just how genius he is. My babe got the mixer out of the cupboard, opened our drawer of bottomless kitchen utensils......}

 {.....and correctly positioned both of them!!! I have birthed a genius!}

 {While I was on the other night finding out exactly which crazy fruit or vegetable Babe #2 can now be likened to - which is a head of cabbage, naturally - I went off on a I-need-to-do-some-research-regarding-Carter kick, and found out that play-doh can be used to tune those fine motor skills, so off to Target we went! Yes, I was having more fun than he was, but hey! It's a process, man!}

{This is so one of those you-will-only-appreciate-this-if-you're-apart-of-my-family types of pictures, but look at cousin Tessa's PIRATE FACE! She's a scally-waggin' lass, that one, a scally-waggin' lass!}

{and last but not least, my piece of heaven arrived!}

So there you have it! Just another week of Cisneros's follyin' around, full of pregnancy ups-and-downs and what have you. This coming weekend will involve me raking blogs for fun DIY's and a lot of down time.

Linking up here, once again!
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  1. Those Balboa pictures take me back! We lived five minutes from there for two years :) SUCH a fun place!

  2. Yay Play-Do! Is it weird that I just love the smell of play-do?!

  3. I thought they were taking down the ferris wheel at the fun zone? My mom took my four year old in September so he could ride one more time before it was gone. I guess he can go one more, "one last time"!

    Great pictures!

  4. That is too funny that your son knows how to setup the hand mixer. By the time he is 10, he may be some sort of tech guru.

  5. That doggy book? I cried my eyes out.


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