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Monday, November 14, 2011

DIY: Sunnies be shelved!

{First of all, I got this idea from another obsession of mine, from this post. I just added a few little things to it.}
Okay! Do you have a bajillion sunglasses you have no idea what to do with when you're not wearing them?? Well, I unfortunately do not, but I like the idea of having a spot for them once know.... start buying them. And plus, it's just pretty to look at so YAY!

here is what you will need:
1. A frame - mine was 11X14, but any size will do, preferably one from the back of your closet that you completely forgot about

2. Yarn of any color

3. Wire

4. Pretty paper - I used contractor's paper because I have a ton, and I love it so so so much

5. {Not pictured} Tape - as in super heavy duty tape. I had no clue I would need it at the beginning of the process

- Remove the contents of the frame completely and set aside -

- Begin wrapping the yarn around your frame -
{since I actually loved this frame, once I excavated it, I did not want to add any glue or what have you, so just hold the piece of yarn in place by wrapping it over a few times}

{Seriously? This lighting? Yuck.}
- Yes, this part takes awhile, but you'll get your groove down -

- And....YOU'RE DONE! Okay, cut the yarn and flip your frame over so that the front part is facing downwards -

- Grab your wire, and once again in order to avoid using glue, just hold the last piece of yarn in place, and position the wire like so -

- Wrap the wire around twice and then, coming from the back of your frame {the side nearest to you, since it's still flipped over} pull the wire to the other side -

- Pull the wire to make sure it's straight and slightly taunt -

- And wrap around twice again on the opposite side - 

- To secure the wire, do a few loopty-loops -

- Do it again..... - 

- .....and again.....or however many times you think looks appropriate with your frame -

{I know, cringe-worthy lighting}
- Now take the original backing from your frame, and trace it on your paper - 

- Cut about 2-3 inches around the line you traced - 

- Keeping your frame facing down, center your paper over the frame's hollow area, and then place the original backing in the center of the paper -

- Tape the backing, paper and frame together - 

- ......using LOTS of tape. I mean LOTS -

- Flip that baby right side up and THERE YOU HAVE IT! - 

- .....but since I am a woman with only one main pair of legitimate sunglasses, I thought, "Why stop there?" -

See?? Now you have a pretty pretty pretty sunglass storage unit thing, or picture holder, or inspiration board or whatever the heck you want it to be! Isn't that nifty? 
I love mine.

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  1. I just started a yarn project last week that I thought was going to be a simple project, it is anything but. I have been trying to get the yarn around the frame and its not working to my liking. I am trying to create a indoor wreath...I hope I finish soon. Your's looks awesome!

  2. SO cute! What a cute, easy, creative project that is! Im gonna have to try it : ) Great tutorial, thanks! Happy monday!

  3. Very cute and creative! Thanks for a great tutorial...I might have to use this! I have tons of sunglasses and no where to put them!!

  4. Cute idea! I'm thinking I could hang it right by the front door too.
    I found you on Creative Me Monday blog hop.
    Hop over and say HI if you get a chance.Jennifer from Just Wedeminute--

  5. i love this! i have sunglasses everywhere...yet can never seem to find a pair when i need them. i'm a new follower...via the shine project. hope you'll follow me back! :)--


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