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Monday, November 28, 2011

we did IT.

We have taken the leap.
Executed the plan.
Committed ourselves.
Purchased the goods.
Ordered the necessities.

We got ourselves a legitimate, high definition, crystal clear, fabulous 
to be exact!
{thanks to everyone's sweet recommendations!}

Words cannot describe the excitement felt over here!
To think!
WE are now going to be able to take AWESOME PHOTOS when Babe #2 joins us, instead of iPhone pics!
WE are now able to capture Carter's preciousness {aka kicking fits and mini temper tantrums} with clarity!
Seriously, I think this was worth the wait.

And per the season, I need to say a big, fat THANK YOU to the events leading up to this joyous occasion:

- First and foremost, CYBER MONDAY! -

- My unwillingness to bend to the pressures of society and just purchase some stupid point-and-shooter because I knew that WITHOUT A DOUBT it would die some horrible death, just like the rest of my p&s's -

- My husband for being smart enough to cash in our points, therefore making this sexy thang quite easy on the pocket book -

- Carter and Babe #2 for being the real reasons behind me wanting an awesome camera in the first place -

- And you folks, who pointed me in the direction of this slice of heaven! Woohoo! -

Anyway, as soon as the Reb reaches us in the mail {November 29th!}, you can expect tons of these sorts of pictures:

{so serene!}

{ahh, paradise!}

{okay, no. but you get the idea!}

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  1. Congratulations!!! It's so beautiful <3

  2. Oh please take those ballet photos, please. I will buy them off of you.

  3. I am jealous... but totally getting a laugh out of those pictures!

  4. Congrats!!! That is the camera I am looking into!~!!I am trying to choose between that one and the nikon 3100!!! Tough choice for a big investment!!

  5. You should so totally take pics like that!! Canon rebel was a good choice!

  6. That's awesome! But, not as awesome as those super cool family photos you posted.

  7. Congrats! What a big, exciting purchase!! I'm in the market for a new camera myself, but don;t think I can quite afford this one yet :)


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