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Friday, November 25, 2011

Catchin' cold & Thanksgiving: 1+2

Cheers to me for feeling worse today than I have throughout the passed 8 months!
Aren't I so lucky?
So not only do I get the pleasure of drinking gallons of water to ward off the forever unwelcome swollenness that is being pregnant, but I get to tow around a pack of Kleenex {designed only to provide a pungent red tint around the nasal area, so sought after during holiday times. your jealous.} for Carter AND myself.
Yep, we are both sick.....Me more so than Carts.
{per the crickets heard around these parts for the past few days. boo again.}
And Chad is denying it, but I know I can hear the slightest hint of congestion, just waiting to strike at the most inopportune time.

But anyway, who the heck cares about us feeling sicker than the dogs!
I have updates, baby, UPDATES!

First and foremost, my little man got another dramatic hair cut.
This go-around, however, was a little less jarring than last time,
but still!
My Babe has gone off once again and grown up right before my eyes!
Ay yi yi.
so here we were before....

......and here we are after......
{of course I totally forgot to take proper BEFORE&AFTER's, so the after is on our way to T-Day dinner}

The hair cut was Tuesday, right around the time I started to feel a bit under the weather, but there was no time for me to feel sick because we had to get ready for T-DAY with Chad's side of the family on WEDNESDAY!
I taught my classes until 1:00, and then we headed straight up to the in-laws, but not without a good ole' forgettin'-of-our-apples from our Oak Glen excursion, which forced us to do a U-ey, causing us to be extra late. 

But once we were there, we hit the ground running and started cranking out the GOODS:
{our pies before the oven. if you're searching for some sort of tradition to establish with your MIL, I suggest you implement a mandatory pie making day. YOU.WILL.HAVE.FUN.}

{and compliments of my FIL, here's Tom the Turkey!}

So Wednesday was a success!
Next T-Day activity: Go to my parent's house on Thursday! We had such a great time! It was relaxing, hilarious and just downright chicken-soupy-for-the-soul-like. Our duties were to bring the pie that I made with my MIL and the green bean casserole!
{which Chad totally made from scratch. completely. as in he made his own cream of mushroom. yeah, he's awesome.}

{and really quick, take a look at my matching boys!}

Ahh, family. Being around them during the holidays is always a refresher!

I hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Thanksgiving, sans colds!

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  1. His haircut came out so cute! I love how your son and hubby are matching <3 adorable!!!

  2. I hope you feel better soon!! Being sick is the pits. On the other hand, your little boy looks ah-dor-a-ble with his new hair cut! What a stud! Loved your boys' matching shirts..and your pies look amazing! I love making homemade pies! Sounds like you had a grand T-day!

  3. Oh no, hate that you all are sicky. Hope you both get feeling better soon & Chad doesn't catch it.

    Those pies look so yummy. You and your MIL make some delightful looking pies. Glad you all had a good Thanksgiving!

  4. Your pies are beautiful and the baby- adorable!

    Stopping by from insta Friday!

  5. the pies look so yummy! and your lil' man is just too adorable :) stopping by from instafriday :)


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