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Saturday, November 19, 2011

US at 33 weeks!

Shame on me for being such a lame mommy archivist!
I mean, that's my job!
Okay, here is where the Cisneros children are at right this very minute:

Babe #2:
{you never want to give us a profile view, little one!}

* Today, Saturday, November 19th, you are 33 weeks old.

* You have been making mommy ultra exhausted lately, but that's okay, because I know that once you're exploring the world with those precious little hands and feet, I will miss these days.

* Carter now comes up to you regularly and "scratches your back," all while saying, "Hi, baby! Hi baby!"

* We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago {when you were 28 weeks old}, and it took EVERYTHING I had not to just look at the screen and try to determine for myself whether you are a boy or a girl.

* I can't believe that in a few short weeks you will be here with us!

* Mommy feels like we have TONS of things to do before you arrive, a few of which include repainting your big brother's room, organizing your "bottle cabinet," buying a lulu wrap so mommy can keep you warm and cuddly all while holding big brother's hand when we go on outings, figure out a way to purchase a stroller which normally costs upwards of $1,200....sorry, kiddo, that's not going to happen, and lastly, become more excited than we already are!

* You are now 17 inches long, and weigh 4 pounds, according to! {My little pineapple baby!}

* You are jumping around like a hot tamale right now!

{this cracks me up, you little munchkin!}

* Today, Saturday, November 19th, you are just shy of 1 year and 11 months old.

* You have fully entered the "NO" section of your life, but that's okay because Mommy knows that you really DO want that orange juice, you just want to prove to me that you're independent and can decide for yourself!

* You have figured out that if you say, "sorry, mama" in that way, you can inflict a feeling of guilt so powerful, for the briefest moment Mommy considers this whole "discipline" thing to be a bunch of mumbo jumbo nonsense.

* Mommy thinks you're definitely smart enough to start potting training, but has decided to wait a few more months until after the baby is born, not because I'm a masochist, but because it will give us the one-on-one time I know we will BOTH be craving at that point. It will be our little thing.

* Daddy laughs at Mommy when I try to tell him to incorporate the words "big brother" and "leader," but I know he agrees with me. 

* I can tell that you are sensing that something big is coming, something that will change things around here for good, and it makes me sort of sad because it causes you to feel unsure, but you know what? It will make us all better people in the end, and will provide you with your life-long best friend. I am sure of it, baby.

Okay, tears.
I loved doing this. I think I shall do it more often.
Afterall, that's why I started this here blog in the first place.


  1. Love this- so many changes coming to your family in the next few weeks BUT it's definitely going to be amazing changes!!!

  2. You should do this more often, I love it!

  3. Love this idea. I have to do this soon as well. So sweet... :))

    ♥Heather Hawthorne

  4. awwww, i was smiling while reading this post! this is very sweet, and i think it is amazing that your kids will have this to read when they're older. how lucky of them! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. This is so sweet!! Makes me want another... :) Good luck with your delivery!


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