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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The words that comes out of that man's mouth

{all photos are compliments of the dating days}
{Us in some blatantly obvious, college boys' dwelling}
Okay, okay. Every wife says that her husband is the funniest man on earth and she is the luckiest person in the world to have him as her man, blah blah blah.....but guess what? My man really is the funniest guy on earth and I really am the luckiest lady in the world to have him.
Well, recently the guy has been busy. Busy in the morning, busy in the evening, busy at supper time....When busy's on the table, you can have busy any time! 
{okay, sorry.....Babe #2 is causing me to lose my mind.}
But really, Chad has been clocking some serious work/school hours as of late, and I think all the computer-staring has unleashed the beast that is HILARIOUS CHAD.
Anyway, back to that proof.
{Chad serenading me with some considerable intensity on the night we wore our awesome duct tape outfits}
Here are a few random blips that have come out of that man's mouth:

Last night, when we were both exhausted as all heck, we both said I love you right after I turned off the light, and out of no where Chad whispered, "AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH!" I was laughing my tired laugh, which can be likened to a hyena. 

During one of the bajillion power points Chad had to finish within the last few days, I went in to see how the poor soul was doing. We struck up some lame conversation about whatever the heck was going on, and at the end of some irrelevant sentence I spoke, with unrivaled conviction, he looked me in the eye and informed me of a most important fact: "BABE, SERIOUSLY, SOMEONE SHOULD PAY ME TO DO POWER POINTS. AS IN I AM THE MASTER." Oh....Is that right, honey bunny?

When we stepped out of the car to start walking up to the wedding we attended this last weekend, IN THE RAIN, I asked Chad if he knew where we were going. {The wedding was at a beautiful University, so there were buildings galore around us.} Anyway, he said, "YEP! OF COURSE!" Hmm...Well, guess what? He didn't. So after dashing out into the rain multiple times from under our umbrella, he finally found a map and said, "SEE BABE? THE BUILDING IS RIGHT HERE!" in the most "duh" voice he could muster. And he wasn't even being sarcastic!

We have an ongoing conversation about the crazy names which make up the NFL. Really, it's like a Weird Name Convention every Sunday. How about Benjarvis Green-Ellis, easily confused with one of the many law firms found throughout the county? Enough said. Anyway, our favorite is Plaxico. PLAXICO! What sort of name is that? For a long time I was calling him Poltergeist because I couldn't remember what it actually was. The other day we got really into our Plaxico conversation, and Chad said, "OH, PLAXICO, WITH YOUR SORE BACK AND YOUR KIDS! HOW DUMB OF YOU TO SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE KNEE, YOU FOOL!" Plaxico has become our homeboy. And I don't even know what team he plays for.
{Ugly sweater party!}
See? Isn't he a hoot?
The guy can keep a gal laughing, that's for sure.


  1. I love tired hyena laughing. There is nothing better :)

  2. Tonight as hubs and I go to bed I may just have to yell "AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH."

  3. So...I really enjoyed your post, but what really caught my eye was your shirt in the first picture. Are you an Alpha Xi?! Because I am and I love meeting new sisters :)

    Happy Wednesday!


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