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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Really quick though, I'm so darn tired right now. My body is ready to give out. How do people have twins? I'm not joking; that is a serious question. Forget triplets. How was I so spunky with Carter at the almost-33-week mark? It's just plain ridiculous at this point. The only reason I'm even sitting at my computer is because my brain is sick of the lame TV that is going on right now, and the hubs isn't here to give me a foot massage....something he WILL be doing as soon as he walks in that door.
And what's worse is that whenever my body hurts I get emotional. It doesn't matter what's going on. When I get a migraine, I cry. When I get the flu, I cry. When all of my phalanges swelled up last week, I cried. My mom always thinks something SERIOUS is wrong, but that's really never the case. It's just because I'm a wimp and I can't handle a few body aches. Is it embarrassing when I'm bawling my eyes out in front of whoever is unfortunate enough to be near me when my body has turned? Yes. But guess what? I can throw myself a little pity party if I want to because MY.BODY.HURTS. Hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts. Thank goodness I get a baby at the end of this marathon-o-joints-and-weight-gain, because if not, I would be turning to the bottle. Just kidding, of course.
{No I'm not.}

Anyway! Let's get going!

* Me. {See above.}

* Calling the doctor in a panic because according to, extreme swelling is a sign of preeclampsia. Apparently it's not.

* Explaining to a monotone phone nurse that my body has swelled up everywhere like never before....and I do mean EVERY.WHERE......Like, all over the place, sister.

* Having not washed my hair since Friday. Yep, that's right, you read that correctly. Today is Thursday. Lovely, eh? Isn't it a law, though, that if you curl your hair on a Saturday, it won't look dirty until the following Saturday?? That's what I'm going with. I still have two more days.

* Me literally trying my hardest not to cry on my way home from Babe #2's doctor's appointment, causing me to make a HIDEOUS face, and then looking over and realizing that some dude was staring at said hideousness when we stopped at a red light. Want to know why I was trying not to cry? Because my right shin has shin splints and it hurt to press on the pedal. Isn't that wonderful. I.HAVE.SHIN.SPLINTS.FOR.NO.REASON.


* The fact that my hair has maintained a less-than-grease-ball look to it, despite my shampoo hiatus.

* The meals Chad has been cranking out lately. That man has skeeeelz.

* The fact that I can barely think of anything awesome. Isn't that cool? Pregnancy has apparently made me a dummy as well.

* Meeting new buddies on this here blogosphere. I truly do enjoy it. I found myself telling multiple stories to the hubs about how funny a few posts were I read this last week!

* Speaking of the blogosphere, guest posting is fab.

* Carter's cold clearing up. Yay for my baby!

Okay, that's all I can scrounge from my annoyingly emotional brain. Thank goodness for this here blog or else I would be wreaking my emotional havoc on some sorry facebook recipient, so YOU'RE WELCOME, FACEBOOK FRIENDS! Anyway, here are a few things I need to get out there:

1. The guest post which was SUPPOSED to take place over at Sunny Vanilla today was rudely interrupted by a HORRENDOUS camera malfunction, so I'm bitter. But anywho, you should just head on over to her place anyway, just to admire her cuteness.

2. Remember you can still link up all your SMALL BUSINESS SAVVY-NESS here! It's fun and you get to meet other small business owners! WIN-WIN!

{linking up here because she's awesome}


  1. I was the same way through my last pregnancy...I think it's because you don't nearly have as much time to rest when you have another 'little' running around. I remember being so jealous of my pregnant friends who were having their first baby and they got to nap when ever they wanted!!!

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only person who hasn't washed her hair since Friday!! Updo's it is.

  3. Extreme swelling is, in fact, a sign of preeclampsia. But that doesn't mean that is for sure what it is!


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