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Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm at a major loss for words today. So, in response to this uncharacteristic black hole in my head, I thought, "Hey maybe I need a day off the old computer...That could be good for me, right??" 
So I decided instead to devote today's nap session to a good old fashion chick flick as opposed to my usual let's-dash-to-the-computer-as-soon-as-Carter's-head-hits-the-pillow routine, but once I broke out the iPad and got to meandering, I figured it wouldn't hurt to take a seat in front of the desktop, which then prompted me to carry forth with my head held high {newly found double chin and all}, and to write one of my weekly favorites, INSTAFRIDAY, where I just get to sit here and record life.
I'm really one of those I-stick-to-my-guns type of gals, wouldn't you say? 

Anyway, here is what we have been up to this last week!
 We took a little drive over to Downtown Disney and visited Darth in the Lego shop. Carter was not a fan.

 My poor baby got a bad cold this last week! Boo! But good thing Carts had his Charger's gear to snuggle up in, Thomas to watch Toy Story with {or Woooooooddyyyyyyyy!!, as we so fondly refer to the trilogy around here}, and mommy and daddy's huge comforter to get lost in, all of which was request by him. The guy knows what he wants out of life. Anyway, the only good news about tots getting sick? The medicine. Once my Babe believed me that he was in fact getting an extra few ounces of "juice," that child drank up the purpley goodness like it was nectar from the gods, causing quite the knock-out before nap time and bed time. Yep, I've been sleeping well.

 What we bought from one of our neighbors for his school fundraiser! You know, I've never been a fan of these sorts of things, but guess what? The pressure is off to make 29387429 cookies for just you and your man. I can now just pop 4 9 in the oven for us to consume. It's quite lovely, albeit quite dangerous for my ever expanding, used-to-be-there waist line.

 My $15 meal purchased at Nordstrom's Cafe. 
JUST KIDDING! Chad made that. He made that, and it was DE-LISH. Seriously, the man knows what he's doing.

Chad: working on a school report.
Carter: being a silly.
{Now Carter wants me to put on daddy's watches all up his arm. We start 'em young around here. It's the Wall Street look.}

I made this for my sunnies, and I love it!

Carter applying edible "choo-choo" to his "poooooooh!!!". The toothpaste has a picture of Thomas the Train on it, and his toothbrush is Winnie the Pooh themed. Seriously, that edible toothpaste tastes amazing. I mean, there's probably some toddler out there trying to suck it's pepperminty goodness straight from the tube.....ahem......

Step right up, parents, it's the new Tickle Me Elmo!
{These were found on a date Carter and I had together at South Coast Plaza. And look, you lucky kid, you! You can even remove Marie's dress! Yessss!}

Carter pushing his way through the toy store after we took a little ride on the merry-go-round at Southcoast Plaza.

The "deeeeeeerr?," as mentioned.

Ahh, Santa's workshop. I remember visiting you last year on December 23rd, and wanting to shoot my brains out. Note to parents: DO NOT, even for one second, think it will be cute to take your toddler to see Santa in such close proximity to Christmas, even if it IS his/her birthday. You WILL have to wait in the world's longest line, and your toddler WILL poop right before Santa is able to see him. Yep, it will happen.

And towards the end of our little date, we stopped and admired the "ballooooooooons?"
Happy, happy, happy!

So, YAY! I'm going to go reassume my couch position and press play on New Moon, all in preparation for Breaking Dawn this coming weekend! YOU KNOW YOU'RE EXCITED, TOO!

I hope your week's have been WONDERFUL, and that you have a SAFE weekend!

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  1. Fabulous pictures! Crazy that their are Jesus action figures, lol. IDK why but it's odd to me. Have a great weekend babe.

  2. The merry go round is beautiful! I love the picture frame you made, so much fun! The lunch looks delicious!

  3. I saw Breaking Dawn last night and it was soo good!

  4. So digging that plate of awesome!! :o)

    and love the balloons!!

  5. These are seriously cute! And you are too funny - way to stick to your guns. ;) sorry to hear your little man has been sick. Looks like a great even so. Thanks so much for linking up!


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