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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Small Business Day!

Welcome back to Small Business Day,
where the only rule is to promote those money-making skills like a madwoman!
Tell us what you've been up to in that shop of yours!
Which products are new??
Which are your best sellers??
What are your goals??
Basically, the rules are there are no rules, so go ahead and 
TELL US whatever you want us TO KNOW!

Anyway, here is my update:
Babe #2 has been making it hard for me to do anything in relation to promotion/stocking, so there have been crickets over in these parts. Crickets, I tell you! It makes me sort of sad to think that during nap time I would rather sit on my bootay than sit at the sewing machine, thinking of new and awesome creations, but hey? That's life, and I need to just roll with it as of right now, since doing the opposite has proven to be fatal to this little lady-o-preggo.

But here are a few good things:
* I completed two custom orders this week,

- and -

* I'm still planning on executing a Spring Line in 2012.
{per one of my goals during Small Business Month}

Yep, I'm pretty happy about those two facts, even though just thinking about them sort of makes me tired.
Anyway, I'm SO excited to hear what you have been up to, and I KNOW that you have some words of support/wisdom for a few fellow linker-uppers, so

Now remember,
sport the button, 
peruse other's small business ventures, 
give advice, 
and celebrate all that is small business ownership! 

Small Business Day
{for this link up party, I have something up my sleeve for those who are excited to promote themselves, I'm just trying to work out the kinks as of right now, but trust me, it's going to be good!}

And head on over to CASEY'S to enter my giveaway going on right now!
{and to enter to win all of the other AMAZING options available!}


  1. Those little pouches are just the cutest! Get to work mama so I can buy your stuff ;) I kid, I kid... sorta!

  2. Nicole, I have been missing your posts so I did not see this till now. I was wondering why and I realized you were missing from my daily read roll so I added you finally so I should not be missing anymore of these SBM prompts. Yay!

    I will try to work on a post in all my little girl madness and link up before it closes.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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