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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mommy......I love God, and I love Santa Clause.

So a few days ago, during my daily perusing-o-blogs, I came across one of the sweetest posts I have ever read, and guess which few, tiny words the entire story was based upon?
Just a short sentence spoken by her young, precious son:

I love Jesus,
and I love God,
and I love Santa Clause."

After reading his sweet thoughts, and the way his mommy responded, I just sat there sort of dumbstruck.
That's how I want us to be.

{Not in an I'm-jealous-of-your-home-life type way, but}|
I want us to WANT to go to church during that difficult let's-just-get-ourselves-out-the-door period on Sunday mornings.
I want Carter to WANT to learn and absorb what is taught in Sunday school, a responsibility I know which falls upon Chad and I to teach him how to want.
I want us to be EXCITED.
I want us to be thinking about how nice it is that on Sunday's we get to be together as a family, instead of me thinking about how difficult it is to get us ready and on our way.
I know all this is achieved through good parenting and great examples, but man, it can be hard sometimes. 
Every Saturday night, when I'm lying there on the couch with my man watching a movie or playing Scrabble, I start thinking to myself,

Okay, church tomorrow. Should we do the 9:00 or the 10:30? Ay yi yi, I hope we all get ready smoothly without me snapping at everyone. I hope we actually get out of bed pre-9:30, because if not, sayonara church getting-ready-time, aka sayonara church-going.

See what I mean?
It's more stressful than anything else,
and I don't WANT that.
Anyway, it makes me think back to when my parents hauled all three of us kids to church EVERY.SINGLE.SUNDAY.

How did my mom do it without becoming a monster either on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings?
It's tough to motivate a crowd you feel would rather be watching football because who can blame them? Sometimes that's what I would rather be doing too.
And I hate writing that because it's something that should not be a tough thing to do!
So I'm going to really make an effort over the next few weeks, something I haven't done for the past few Sundays. Lately I've had the attitude of
well, if it works out, great, if not, that's okay, just say a few extra prayers and enjoy the day,
which I don't think is a necessarily bad thing, but still, it's not where I WANT to be.

So there's my semi-vent regarding our Sunday activities.
If you've been around these parts for awhile, you know I rarely touch upon serious subject, because as per yesterday's post, my mind just doesn't go there during nap time.
But today was different, and I'm glad I went there.
Ahh, what a nice feeling!

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  1. Super sweet post, gave me quite a bit to think about. Sometimes we just need a serious post!

  2. My mom and I were just talking about this the other day. I don't have children yet, but there are so many families with young children in our church who feel just like you do. One mother was telling her that it is such a frustrating experience trying to get everyone ready for church and that everyone gets a little cranky with each other, especially on the car ride over. Then when they get there they open the car door and act like everything is perfect because they are at church. :)

  3. Sweet post. My hubs is a pastor and we've been in the ministry for 12 years now..I used to be so black and white about getting your kids/babies to church..I was pretty much, "if you WANT to do it, you will". I had my kids there for everything so I couldn't see the problem. BUt as I've gotten older and my kids are grown and now I have grandkids, I see my daughter who is passionately in love with Jesus struggle on Sunday's got get it all together to have the kids there. And her husband is the youth pastor. It's just so tiring at times!! You sound so much like my daughter when you said ,"And I hate writing that because it's something that should not be a tough thing to do!" She has 3 kids all under the age of 3. (and no they don't have twins) thing that she has discovered that has helped her on sundays is having everything laid out the night before to dress the kids in....she says (like I know you already know) that the refreshing she receives from being under the preaching of God's Word is SO worth anything it took to get there. Praying for you and all the other mommas out there that have a tough time with this. So thankful for God's grace during the different seasons in our lives! xx

  4. I'm with you on Sunday mornings! My husband calls me "grouchy mama" til we get to church. But I've been really concentrating on God's word and things to be thankful for that it went pretty smoothly this week! amen for easy mornings:)

  5. I just started following.

    I found you through followers fest! What a beautiful blog. I have a Christmas series going on with a Christmas post a day for 50 days and it just started! You should check it out!


  6. I feel the same way about wanting us to want to go when we have kids (to synagogue because I'm Jewish, but you know, same idea). It seems like you really want it, and now you wrote about it, so i think you'll make it happen :) Absolutely gorgeous phtoos of your little one throughout this beautiful post :)

  7. My wife and I have four children. I'm the music and youth pastor and leave about 90 minutes before she does. We definitely understand...God Bless and thanks for your transparency.


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