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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!


{the pancake thin cookies a made a few batches ago}

* My laundry day outfit on Tuesday. Let's just say it involved a dress I once wore to a wedding......along with some leggings.........and maybe a bedazzled undershirt from the depths of my closet......

* Realizing that my awesome maternity jeans are borderline too small. What was that? Why yes, yes it WAS quite a blow to the ego.....Boo hooo!

* The fact that I still have not touched my eyebrows. This was in the awkward category three weeks ago so....yeah....there haven't exactly been any improvements in that department.

* Noticing the first signs of swelling. Please, ankles and feet, stay dainty. We have ten more weeks to go.

* That movie Hall Pass. For the first hour we were watching, I had this disgusted look on my face, and then I just wanted to shoot somebody as it progressed. Yes, there were funny parts, but it was just one of those gosh-darnit-some-married-men-are-just-disgusting! Chad said it was a big, fat NEVER-DO-THIS-IF-YOU-WANT-TO-KEEP-YOUR-WIFE-AND-YOUR-DIGNITY, to which I said, YEP, YOU'RE DARN RIGHT ABOUT THAT, HONEY-BUNNY!

* Being tired. All. The. Time.

{me trying to be artsy with my man}

* Attending one of my good friend's baby's first birthday party! It was so much fun!

* Finding out that I've kept it pretty tame in the weight-gaining sector. Woohooo!

* Seeing a client today who had her baby three months ago telling her that YOU CAN'T EVEN TELL SHE WAS EVER PREGNANT! Girlfriend is tiny. TEENSY tiny.

* Carter finally eating grapes!! I wonder when he will start believing us when we say, "It's yummy! It's yummy!"

* Babe #2 performing wonderfully at his/her doctor's appointment!

* Chad always being the one to fill up my car. Love that man.

* The fact that we are officially in the month of November! This month I'm going to try to be super crafty during nap time, since last month my  nap time hours were consumed by Small Business Month, which was amazing, but I miss my ole' sewing machine and yarn wreathes! 

* Waking up this morning at 5:00 and realizing that I still had another hour-and-a-half to sleep! Wednesday is my one day per week that I have to wake up before the kiddo, and I usually am traumatized by the obnoxious noise sounding from my iPhone, but this morning I woke up easily and with a bit of a start, even though it was still dark out! Cheers to me, and to all you non-morning people, who somehow find it in you to wake up before the dawn!

* Chad realizing that he registers tomorrow, instead of at the end of the month. Yay for a new after-work schedule! 

* The laundry being done.

*The pulled pork my man made. He is a genius.

* Carter scratching my back, and bouncing back and forth between 3 word sentences, and 4 word sentences! Woohooo!


  1. I have a feeling you could have turned the awkward dress from a wedding into awesome if you had incorporated elbow length gloves. And diamond earrings. Just sayin.

  2. LOL!!! It sounds like we have the exact. same. Laundry day outfit. :) Woo Hoo… I think… It's that the appropriate reaction to bedazzled undershirts? I can never remember. :) Love the post!! So fun to read!!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  3. I love your post. It gave me a good laugh. All of the things that you say about being pregnant, I could totally relate. Funny thing is after I gave birth I didn't touch my eyebrows for a while. Something happened to me when I was pregnant, it was like my excuse to let loose. Hubby didn't like it too much.

  4. Great Great Post- Oh I rememeber how tired I was when I was pregnant. It was so frustrating to have zero energy. Kudos to you on the weight gain- being pregnant is like a license to eat anything & everything. It's after baby that you realize you should have exercised some self control LOL


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