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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A morning in the life of a BIG BOY

We have a pretty predictable morning routine over here in these parts, and I'm happy to say that nothing gets going until at least 8:30 am {I am the world's worst morning person, so bow chicka bow wow for a baby who semi-sleeps in along with me!}.

Today, though, was a particularly great morning. 
How come?
Because my Babe is now a big boy.
Yesterday was the fateful day we trimmed his lovely blonde locks, all in the hopes of avoiding the relentless rat's nest that has made a home on the back of his head after every.single.nap.session.

So here was my precious love on our way to his hair appointment:
Ay yi yi.....I almost started crying just uploading this picture. Look at that innocent child, in all of his blonde hair, surfer style glory! 

.....And here we were in the act:
He was such a big boy getting his hair cut it makes me want to cry all over again. Sheesh!

And then the BIG BOY emerged, taking me by surprise! Where did this grown up toddler come from?!

Oh, for heavens sakes, child! Stop being so gosh darn happy and cute! You're pullin' on the ole' heartstrings!
{Just kidding, never stop being happy OR cute}

Anyway, his new hair style took me by surprise once again this morning when I went in to pick up my patient BIG BOY. I mean, who said it was okay for him to go and chop off all of his youth and innocence? Oh yeah, that was me.....

So what do BIG BOYS do with BIG BOY hair cuts?
Well, they immediately put on their new BIG BOY slip on vans, of course.
.....looking bashful, all the while.....

......and after much ruckus and playing around....

BIG BOYS enjoy a light beverage of sorts.
First in the kitchen with the refrigerator door wide open.....

......And then in the living room, all while wearing BIG BOY shoes, and sporting a BIG BOY haircut.

After much more rough-housing, mommy let Babe #1 know that Babe #2 was asking for second-breakfast, so we sat down together at the table, because that's what BIG BOYS and mommy's do.

Next, it was time to help mommy make the bed.....with BIG BOY shoes on.....

Ay yi yi.....Are you going to kill me if I say it again??
Becoming a BIG BOY has thrown mommy for a loop.
Not fair, world, not fair!


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  1. Isn't it amazing how much a haircut can make them look so much older?? I still can't get over it with my little boy. And then throw in the big boy shoes... big day for you guys :)

  2. he is a cutie. Weird how a first hair cut will make the babes look so much older!


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