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Thursday, July 21, 2011

No camera, no fun

I've done my best to try to place a positive spin on my missing a camera, but it's official: as much as I love my iPhone lens, a mom's just got to have a legitimate camera on her at all times.  
It's sort of depressing! Here I am, witnessing these precious beyond all precious moments, and the best picture I get is grainy at best. At first I thought that solely using my iPhone was a good thing, since it's always on me and I can just switch over to video super easily, but now my positive outlook has taken a sharp turn towards This-Really-Is-Not-Funny Land.
Why don't I just go out and buy myself a cool little camera, you ask? Because I'm done with those semi-cheap point-and-shooters! I want a nice, beautiful, high-powered, awesome, paparazzi-style, barrel of a lens type thing! All of my point-and-shooters have died some horrible death within 2 years of my ownership {which, I swear, has nothing to do with my abilities as a caring camera owner! I took good care of my last one, and it went on the fritz in less than 18 months! Ridiculous!}. 

So anyway, I'm bummed as of right now.
Oh yeah, and did I mentioned that I experienced morning sickness yesterday? MORNING SICKNESS! I'm in my second trimester! What the heck?! Cut me some slack!

Too much?

Man, I have sounded negative lately. Someone come and shake me back to all my pre-pregnancy optimism! Where has it run off to?

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