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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: faux pas edition

I have yet again given in to my slovenly ways and opted to not take one picture this entire week, but that's okay because I know not one person wants to look at pajama shorts and husband's sweatshirts on as glorious a day as 
What I Wore Wednesday!
{am I right?? yes, yes I am!}

But my lack-o-documentation has led me to something I had WAY too much fun with, 
and that was to scour through my outrageously out of control archives and pick out my 
top 3 fashion

Are you ready for this?

Undoubtedly #1 on the list:

I actually did this.
I went out in public FOR A SPECIAL EVENT after getting a SPRAY TAN
sans showering in between.
And what was this event, you ask?
I thought I didn't have time, but CLEARLY, I should have MADE time!
Anyway, hilarious now, disgusting then.

Still on the list, this one comes in at #2:
 {it's back.}

I've spoken about this one before, but man, it's still in the top 3.
Every part of this outfit was wrong for the Champs de Elysee!
I've said it once, I'll say it again:
Yep, we were.
Where were my heels? Where was Chad's three piece suit? Where was our dignity?
Oh, yeah...back at the room. Still! No excuse!
{but the ridiculous looks we got, in conjunction with the disgusted smirk on our waiter's face for lunch that day, provided us with giggles to last quite some time!}

....AND #3 goes to:
{apparently, looking like an idiot is cool while in school.}

While meandering through the old college photos, I found a plethora of these sorts of pictures:
HIDEOUS shades + GANGSTERish lip position.
What was this? And why did I feel the need to do it so often??
I literally have HUNDREDS of pictures just like this one!
All with my normal looking friends who are smiling like good ole' fashion folk.
What on earth was I doing?
I'm just going to chalk this up to my leadership capabilities and the fact that I prefer to blaze my own trail.

Anyway, that was super fun!
So here's the deal: if you haven't taken a darn photo of yourself in over 7 days, rake through those archives! You will love yourself for it later, and you can show your husband/boyfriend what he was fortunate enough to not be around for! 
{unless you were married/dating during your faux pas moments, in which case, give him a big kiss and tell him just how much you appreciate his putting up with your ridiculous choices. Hi, Chad!}


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pinterest is the life for me.

Yeah, pinterest is still doing it for me.
I really can't foresee a day when it won't satisfy my every need, so in honor of this online black hole, here's  what I've been looking at for the past few hours minutes.

No need for words.

These are PRE-PLANNED and PRE-PAID date nights for a year!

Ahh, stripes. I'm still obsessed with you.


Just one of the many nurseries I have stared at in the last few weeks.
This both unisex AND soothing.

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Small Business Tuesday!

......and we're back again, ready to see what the heck sort of holiday goodies you've stocked that shop with!

but first of all, for the past two Tuesdays, I'm sorry I've been such a lame hostess-o-Small-Business-Day.
I've just been feeling like the world's crappiest balloon, so things have been slipping through the cracks!

Here are some of my favorites from the last TWO weeks!

Just a little ounce of preciousness from Digger's shop. 
{and she's sweet beyond sweet, so go check her out. NOW!}

Ahh, Glow Kouture, I have loved your prettiness ever since Small Business Month launched last month.
My favorite is The Poppy Clutch in Zebra Gray....Yes, yes it is!

Maddie Mack, Babe #2 has been pressuring me to buy one of your amazing designs! 

Um. I want both of these. I can't pick a favorite. I just can't.
Sew Beastly, you are a genius. a GENIUS, I say!

 Have I ever mentioned that I'm a technological idiot?
Well, thank goodness for the Momma St. J's of the world. Seriously. Go look at her amazingness.

 Okay, not only do I love reading her BLOG, but her vintage eye blows mine out of the water.
Little Vintage Me knows what she's doing. For reals.

Is it weird that I've been searching for something EXACTLY like this at Target for the last week?
Seriously, Underground Vintage Studio, you hit the nail on the head here.

 Guess what? I'm obsessed with bib necklaces. Obsessed! if anyone wanted to send one my way....
Anyway, Salena from A Little Piece of Me, this is precious!

Why can't I have these organization skills??
Ashley from The Pink Ruffle has got it going on.

First of all, Katie's got style.
Second of all, her blog is precious. Bottom line.

 I know T-Day just passed, but this is adorbs. ADORBS, I tell you!
And, hi, I love the fact that on Two Sasters they share couponing advice. Me.Likey.

Ahh, the cuteness.
I met Dani last month during SBM, and let me tell you, she's awesome. just awesome. 
Go check out Me and My New Life!

Okay, that was fun, and
I'm going to do it again next week with the goodies that are promoted today, so get to flaunting yourself!

But here's a really quick recap as to what has been going on in my own business life:
I KNOW, I KNOW, I hate even saying that, but I'm telling you! Babe #2 does not want me to sew right now! He/she just wants me to lie flat as a board and watch 19 Kids and Counting. Don't worry though, I will be making a come back VERY soon, and in the meantime I get to meander over to all the preciousness that YOU link up!

Grab a button!

Small Business Day

Monday, November 28, 2011

we did IT.

We have taken the leap.
Executed the plan.
Committed ourselves.
Purchased the goods.
Ordered the necessities.

We got ourselves a legitimate, high definition, crystal clear, fabulous 
to be exact!
{thanks to everyone's sweet recommendations!}

Words cannot describe the excitement felt over here!
To think!
WE are now going to be able to take AWESOME PHOTOS when Babe #2 joins us, instead of iPhone pics!
WE are now able to capture Carter's preciousness {aka kicking fits and mini temper tantrums} with clarity!
Seriously, I think this was worth the wait.

And per the season, I need to say a big, fat THANK YOU to the events leading up to this joyous occasion:

- First and foremost, CYBER MONDAY! -

- My unwillingness to bend to the pressures of society and just purchase some stupid point-and-shooter because I knew that WITHOUT A DOUBT it would die some horrible death, just like the rest of my p&s's -

- My husband for being smart enough to cash in our points, therefore making this sexy thang quite easy on the pocket book -

- Carter and Babe #2 for being the real reasons behind me wanting an awesome camera in the first place -

- And you folks, who pointed me in the direction of this slice of heaven! Woohoo! -

Anyway, as soon as the Reb reaches us in the mail {November 29th!}, you can expect tons of these sorts of pictures:

{so serene!}

{ahh, paradise!}

{okay, no. but you get the idea!}

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The halls are decked

{Tom the Turkey III, showing off his aromatics made by moi} 

Man, what a weekend!
It truly was wonderful from beginning to end.
Not only did we only have to travel to ONE family per day on Wednesday and Thursday to celebrate T-Day
{something completely taken for granted during the pre-marital days},
but it just kept getting better as it went!

 {Chadly basting Tom, per the Voltaggio brother's instructions}

Here's how it went:
Even though it was a bummer Chad had to go into work on Friday, he came straight home and made 
which is basically a humongous pot of spaghetti filled with a super meaty sauce.
{we didn't take home any leftovers from either one of our parent's house because we had plans to make our own Tom on Sunday.}
So that night was nice because we ate our mansghetti and continued on with Star Wars.
{All you people who know what I'm talking about! That night we watched the DEPRESSING ONE. The younglings, oh the younglings!}

{Ahh, the wonderfulness!}

So come Saturday, Chad had to go into work again, but that's okay because we had a date that night to go Christmas shopping while the tot saw Happy Feet with Grandma C!
Our goal was to hit up the sales still going on at Toys-R-Us.

At first I was excited about this unbridled shopping time specifically catered to my tot, but man, it was actually really stressful!
First of all, I was trying to shoot for educational toys, which was completely ridiculous because they were like $100 a pop, so I ditched that plan.
Then, there were just so many options! 
Should we get him THIS Toy Story table, or THIS one? Should we buy him football action figure thingys, or football CLOTHING? Is it too much to purchase one of those humongous blow up playhouse things with balls included??
Where the hell are we going to keep these things, now that I think about it??
That was me. In the store. Slightly freaking out. 
But in the end it all worked out, and I can't WAIT to show what we got for him!

Now Sunday was upon us and, bright eyed and bushy tailed from our good night's sleep, I took a Purebarre class in the morning, then we headed off to pick up the Little Man from his sleep over adventure.
We then got crackin' on our own Thanksgiving meal, complete with Tom, my man's awesome homemade green bean casserole, mashed potatoes AND scalloped potatoes, and stuffing.
{Oh yeah, and I failed miserably at making peppermint bark. Boo.}
{and the best part about Sunday?}
We got ourselves a tree and decked the halls!
{pictures, of course, to come}

Anyway, I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend full of love, Star Wars, and the people who make you laugh!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

preparing for BABY: part 1

Babe #2 will be joining us in a mere SIX weeks, and LET ME TELL YOU,
the nesting is in full swing around these parts!
 {the first baby girl onesie I have ever purchased!}

My most recent act of nesting was pretty darn significant in the whole let's-bring-another-baby-home arena:
Ahhhhhhh! I have made the leap!

 {0-3 months! So very teensy-weensy!}

Anyway, it was actually quite a difficult thing to do! It took me a whopping 45 minutes to get through the first 7 outfits because I just wanted to sit there and gape at how absolutely minute they were in size! How had Carter fit into these?
{I even tried to place a little hoodie on his head, like a psycho, and the bottom of the coat barely reached his shoulders!}
{okay, no, but you know what I mean}

 {and look at these!}

 {how could I possibly cut this wardrobe in half if this next baby is a girl?}

Is it socially acceptable to dress your baby girl as a boy?
Does that choo-choo qualify that little knitted preciousness as a boy's-only outfit?
I don't think I care.
I think I'm just going to have to stock up on the bows and headbands so that way people will know she's a girl {if that's what he/she is}, and dress her in Carter's old clothes!

{this was one of my favorite outfits}

I think that's what I'm going to have to do: from the neck up she'll be a girl, but from the shoulders down she'll be a boy.
{Has anyone called social services on me yet??}
My friend Jenna said I can't dress my baby girl in any sort of football clothing, but I don't know, man, I just don't know if I can pack these things away!

It REALLY just makes me want another boy!

But anyway, here are some other things I have been able to check off the BABY TO-DO LIST:

- completely reorganize our once-horrendous hallway closet, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia -

- scoured the atrociousness that was once Carter's "baba cabinet" -

- thoroughly cleaned our blinds with my mama - 

- picked a LEGITIMATE camera to document the arrival of this little one -
{canon rebel T2i....woohoo!}

- chosen a proper lulu wrap, perfect for multitasking -

So yay for nesting, and cheers to making one more step towards BABY-PREPAREDNESS!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Our old-mannish Thanksgiving weekend tradition

Ahh, traditions....You gotta love them.
There's the ever wonderful Elf on a Shelf crowd pleaser {which I fully plan on implementing this year},
the classic who-gets-the-neck-of-the-turkey contest {something we've never done, but hey!}, and who could forget the always fabulous, let's-wake-up-at-a-completely-irrational-hour-to-purchase-a-few-DVD's annual affair!
All are swell, but none measure up to the mother of all traditions that we have created around these parts:
Every Thanksgiving weekend, we watch
from beginning to end!

Episodes 1-6!
{I KNOW! Isn't that weird! STAR WARS! It's a total dork move, but man is it de.lish!}

Call me an old man, but seriously, these movies are wonderful.

The first time I watched them was only a few years back, and LET ME TELL YOU,
Anakin Skywalker pulled me in.
He's my man.
Padme, you go girl.
Obi-Wan Kenobi, speak to me in your sexy accent some more please {only applicable to Episodes 1-3}.
R2D2 and C3PO, the unsung heroes.
Luke, I always hate you at first because you are brat-like, but then I love you.

So far, this the most beloved of traditions we have established, and although we are running the risk of creating Star Wars junkies out of our children, it's worth the risk. 
{When Carter asks for a Jabba The Hut action figure, mommy will be right there by his side!}


Catchin' cold & Thanksgiving: 1+2

Cheers to me for feeling worse today than I have throughout the passed 8 months!
Aren't I so lucky?
So not only do I get the pleasure of drinking gallons of water to ward off the forever unwelcome swollenness that is being pregnant, but I get to tow around a pack of Kleenex {designed only to provide a pungent red tint around the nasal area, so sought after during holiday times. your jealous.} for Carter AND myself.
Yep, we are both sick.....Me more so than Carts.
{per the crickets heard around these parts for the past few days. boo again.}
And Chad is denying it, but I know I can hear the slightest hint of congestion, just waiting to strike at the most inopportune time.

But anyway, who the heck cares about us feeling sicker than the dogs!
I have updates, baby, UPDATES!

First and foremost, my little man got another dramatic hair cut.
This go-around, however, was a little less jarring than last time,
but still!
My Babe has gone off once again and grown up right before my eyes!
Ay yi yi.
so here we were before....

......and here we are after......
{of course I totally forgot to take proper BEFORE&AFTER's, so the after is on our way to T-Day dinner}

The hair cut was Tuesday, right around the time I started to feel a bit under the weather, but there was no time for me to feel sick because we had to get ready for T-DAY with Chad's side of the family on WEDNESDAY!
I taught my classes until 1:00, and then we headed straight up to the in-laws, but not without a good ole' forgettin'-of-our-apples from our Oak Glen excursion, which forced us to do a U-ey, causing us to be extra late. 

But once we were there, we hit the ground running and started cranking out the GOODS:
{our pies before the oven. if you're searching for some sort of tradition to establish with your MIL, I suggest you implement a mandatory pie making day. YOU.WILL.HAVE.FUN.}

{and compliments of my FIL, here's Tom the Turkey!}

So Wednesday was a success!
Next T-Day activity: Go to my parent's house on Thursday! We had such a great time! It was relaxing, hilarious and just downright chicken-soupy-for-the-soul-like. Our duties were to bring the pie that I made with my MIL and the green bean casserole!
{which Chad totally made from scratch. completely. as in he made his own cream of mushroom. yeah, he's awesome.}

{and really quick, take a look at my matching boys!}

Ahh, family. Being around them during the holidays is always a refresher!

I hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Thanksgiving, sans colds!

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