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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh, Giada

Hi Giada,
It's me, Nicole. I was just watching you on the Cooking channel, and I wanted to ask you, how on earth did you get to the point of actually enjoying the process of cooking? I'm sure the fact that you really know what you're doing helps, and also that your last name is "de Laurentiis," but why must the prospect of stepping foot into a kitchen with every intention of actually turning on the stove be such a bother?! Please send me your cooking-good-vibes, after all, my maiden name is "Paplia," so that should count for something, right? Maybe our ancestors hailed from the same 'hood? Why do some Italians get the I-can-cook gene, and others don't? Not fair, world!

Much love,

PS - My husband thinks you are very pretty and fun to watch, so I would appreciate it if you could just tone down your awesome cooking skills, since you're making me look bad around here.

What would I do without your awesome skills? Also, what would I do without a husband who smiles at everything I place in front of him? 

What can I say? He's a trooper :)

1 comment:

  1. You are hilarious!!! It really isn't fair though how she is so pretty and a great cook! I mean sheesh! :)


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