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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

.......and the festivities continue!

Check out that precious "cheeeeeeeeese" pose! 
(And can we all appreciate my present-from-aunt-myrtle-ish "America, July 4" t-shirt? Oh yeah, Chad definitely bought that for me from Target while Carter was sleeping and I rocked it all day long. The only things missing were atrociously long, pink painted finger nails, a visor, and my hair in a high, tight pony tail. It was awesome.)

Anyway, Carter was initially scared of the fireworks, but then mellowed out when he realized he could both maintain a death grip on Chadly's neck and watch the "booms" at the same time. Earlier in the day, after our outrageously patriotic community parade and nap time, we headed to the pool to cool off. 

Here's the little man and I chillin' out. Take a look at that mini, mini, mini, mini baby bump I've got going on there!

You've got to respect Carter's level of concentration when it came to eating that Wheat Thin. He was in the zone big time.

So, all in all, yesterday took a lot of stamina to get through considering the heat and keeping everyone fed and happy, but what a great way to spend time with the family :)

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