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Friday, July 29, 2011


Who's ready for round two of......
I know I sure as heck am, especially because it features only cell phone pics....Hello? Could that be any more perfect for me with my current lack-o-camera situation?

Let's get started, shall we?

Well, the week started off........

........With a little bit of computer time......
{No, just kidding. I was walking around trying to locate my Babe, and got sort of anxious when he wasn't in any of his usual spots. Then I walked on back towards the computer, and there he was, just sitting there like a little businessman! It was so gosh darn cute!}

........And with a little bit of self motivation.
{I finally decided to utilize the dry erase board my man got for us almost a year ago. Good message, eh?}

As the week progressed........

....I had another balcony brunch with Chadly while Carter slept.
{Check out that healthy choice!}

.....Well, at least we started off healthy.......
{Yeah, I ate the majority of those. It's true.}

I then taught Carter some good lessons on healthy eating and how important it is to our everyday state of mind......

.......In order to show him said importance, I went on to eat a Sausage McMuffin meal on a very messy kitchen table.
{Guilty? Yes. Was it delicious? Absolutely}

Later on in the week, Carter got his haircut which still makes mommy want to cry......

.....And we got him his first big boy slip on vans. He loves them, and begs me to put them on his tiny little toes as soon as he wakes up!

So there you have it! A week in Instagram photos!
{I didn't include any from the fair, because I think I covered that baby completely!}
It was a great week, and you know what?
Yeah, that's right, me! The world's most pessimistic pregnant woman stepped outside the door to take a walk twice!
Hey-O! Happy lady over here!

Link up, baby!
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  1. Hey! Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog, and I hope you enjoy following it. Looks like you had a great week! Those Vans are so cute. Enjoy the weekend!



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