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Monday, July 18, 2011

A not-so-fun trip to the market

Look at that disgruntled face......only this time when he was frustrated we weren't at the beach. Nope, we were at the store. And there were tears. Lots of tears. And screams.

Carter usually loves the grocery store. It's one of those qualities he possesses which makes me stop to think, "hey, look at my baby. Isn't he a particularly great baby because he likes the store, a place which so many children loathe? Isn't it cute how he points to the lights and says, 'liiiiiii?'"
Even as an infant he preferred to peruse through the freezing cold meats section without a blanket, which initially had me somewhat embarrassed because sweet grandmas would come up to me and ask, "isn't he chilly?"
Bottom line, the store is usually a semi-sanctuary for hot days, an anxious baby, and a somewhat strung out mom.
Oh, not today though.
I was one of those moms frantically trying to whip her cart through the isles in an effort to not be seen by any of the other shoppers as her child was screaming and crying. He literally was crying with all his might, and yes, huge, sad tears were streaming down his face! I picked him up, and then he decided that he wanted to push the cart without my assistance! So picture this: me holding him at my waist, with him hinged forward, grabbing onto the cart while I walked! No! That was not working for mommy's back!

I have no idea what was going on! It was the strangest thing.....I even skipped the meats section because I couldn't handle grabbing a plastic bag, picking out which cut of chicken was best for us this week, and placing it in the cart! 

Oh man, and then we had to check out. I was still holding him, because nothing else was acceptable (of course this was after he threw a few peaches on the ground, which I felt obligated to buy). This is where the candy grabbing began, along with a few 5 Hour Energy's I had to messily throw back onto their display shelf, and oh yeah, I can't forget about the credit card pin pad fiasco! I had to slide my card 3 times! It was nuts! I was near hysterics by the time we left that dreadful counter, and what's worse? Since I didn't get any meat, I have to go back later because we have nothing for dinner! 


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