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Friday, July 8, 2011

On top-o-the-world!

It's official: Babe #2 has somehow found a way to construct a boomerang game out of my hormones, sling shooting me from overly emotional days like yesterday, to mellow, happy-go-lucky days like today. Thank goodness I only have those ridiculous moments every once in awhile, or else I would be doomed (poor Carter would have a crying mate when we didn't get our dinners on time. It would be horrendous).

Anyway, today has been exceptionally wonderful. Why? Well let me tell ya! (Is my cheery attitude too much? Too bad!)

*When we woke up this morning I didn't have an urge to skin myself in order to bring down my body temperature. The last few days have been way too hot in the morning, giving both Chad and I a dreadful feeling while thinking of the day ahead. 

*I had a play date with my fellow mommy friend, Alayna, and her precious son, Gavin! Gavin and Carter are about six weeks apart, so watching the two of them together was just ridiculous adorable. Proud mama moment: they were excellent sharers. Yep. Big deal.

*My sister is home today instead of at work! Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! G-Funk is always a good time. In fact, there we are now!

Isn't she purdy? Yeah, she got the Italian, brunette, olive skin, tanned-to-perfection genes. I get burnt as soon as I walk into the sun. Like a vampire. Sigh....At least she's hilarious and keeps me laughing!

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