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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I mean, wow

Okay, tonight takes the cake.
I don't think I've ever been so tired in all my twenty-three years. I feel like my eyeballs could burst into flames at any moment. There's a small section in my brain which feels fuzzy, and yes, it's an actual physical feeling, which is striking me as somewhat scary. I drank a coffee today, and that did nothing, which means that this enfeeblement is serious, man.
{Isn't that a hilarious word? I was laughing on the inside.}

There's me.

But besides my never-ending exhaustion......

*We had a doctors appointment today for Babe #2 and all went well --!!!-- {The best part was I found out I'm actually allowed to eat seafood a whopping two days per week, which makes a significant difference from what I thought, which was only one. I'm pretty darn excited.}

*I got my diploma in the mail today. Bow chicka bow wow. So it's official: I am now a participant in the I'm-done-with-college world, even though it's still in it's original packaging {I don't want to bend it.}


{Yes, there's a major lack of emotional expression around these parts, except, of course when it comes to Babe #2. That's how I was saying the words in my head, because I'm dead with exhaustion. You know it's bad if I haven't added one exclamation point. The end.}


  1. When do you get to find out whether Babe #2 is a little brother or little sister? :)

    Also, come by to see the award I nominated you for!

  2. I am so glad I can stalk your life through here! you are so entertaining ( those comm classes paid off) I think you should be a career blogger! We are playing some gnarly games of phone tag so I'll just say it here bring the little man and the baby bump to placentia concerts in the park tonight at 6:30!!!! same park as bid day!! <3itb


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