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Friday, July 1, 2011

Chad Cisneros, party of two

Yesterday was the day that my 6-month-younger-than-me youthful, sexy husband joined the ranks into what is now known around here as "the land of the twenty-three year olds."

Yes, that's right, Chad was only twenty-two until about twenty-four hours ago, and I was a dragon-scaled-woman-under-my-clothes twenty-three. You know what that means, don't you? It means that every birthday that the two of us have celebrated together is just a waiting game for the other person to turn the next number. Case in point: When I turned twenty-two, it was just a big fat waiting game until Chad joined me; then when he finally did turn twenty-two, it was just a count down until I turned twenty-three.

Anyway, it's caused quite of bit of jokes between the two of us (me of course being the mature, knowledgeable woman that I am spending time with my impressionable, corruptible husband, and he the catch of the county giving me - an oldie - the time of day). So now that my man was joining me, I had to celebrate of course! First of all, the poor guy had work (yesterday being the last day of the quarter, it was a stressful day) and had school until 9:30 at night, but this was what was waiting for him.......

There were quite a bit more balloons hanging from the ceiling, but I forgot to take a picture of my finished product :)

And here's from the other side of the room.........

Before Carter went to bed he was having a ball with all those balloons, all of which I blew up individually (hello, pain).

So although it took him basically the entire night to unwind from his crazy day, I'm glad we had a great night together on the couch where we watched So You Think You Can Dance (thank you, Lord, for sending me a man who enjoys watching such shows!). It was a great night, and the birthday festivities have carried on into today :)

Happy Birthday, Babe!

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