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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Rarely do I get deep or serious or anything of the like during my two hour lot of time to lolly-gag on this here computer, but today I'm lowering the boom.

Are you ready for story time?

So last night I was laying there in bed, and I could not fall asleep for the life of me. Literally. There was just no shut-eye going on on the left side of the ole' Cisneros mattress, and I was miserable. Just absolutely out of my mind with weird thoughts like, "I wonder what will happen to Voldemort in the last movie," and, "Seriously? Why can't I think of the measurements for my banana nut bread recipe?" and much more pressing, "Nicole, if you don't go to bed right now, you will be a zombie in the morning, and Carter will run you ragged," but there was just no easing my mind. I felt anxious and horrendous, and much to my horror I realized that I had been thinking stupid random thoughts until 4:30 in morning when I decided to give in to myself and click on my iPhone to check the time.....and maybe go online for a little bit.......

Anyway, although those thoughts seem harmless and silly, it was torturous! I started to actually feel angry for the major lack of sleep going on. Every twenty minutes or so I would shoot up a prayer to my homeboy, Jesus, and ask for some luck in the sleep department, but nothing was happening, which made me even more frustrated. 

Finally, around what must have been 5:15 in the am, I forced myself to lay in one position instead of tossing and turning, and I said a well thought out, serious beyond all serious, actual prayer. I talked about my family, my thoughts, and how much we need the Lord's guidance in our everyday endeavors. I asked for protection against temptations, and thanked Him for everything that He has provided for us. 

I'm not even kidding, I relaxed within thirty seconds. All of a sudden I felt calm and ready to hand all my mind-dulling thoughts over to someone who could actually handle them. 

So, I'm telling you, the power of prayer is pretty darn powerful. I mean, holy moly, it even made me emotional in church today thinking about the whole situation. 

And that's my two cents! How about an adorable picture of Carter to round out that wonderful proclamation, as I'm a rare God-shouter-outer-onliner.......Yes?

Aww.......Check out that pout in full force!

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