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Friday, July 1, 2011

Hi, Baby!

Here's my Babe #2!
Look at that Paplia shnoz! I think it's quite obvious that Numero Dos will have personality and character to spare :)

Anyway, now that I'm not half asleep - last post I was in a semi-coma due to exhaustion - I can show these glorious shots! Here's another one.......

While looking at the ultrasound screen, I kept experiencing this urge to say aloud in my most pronounced and coo-ish baby voice, "Hi, baby! Hi! Look at you! You're such a big baby! Hi, baby!"

Literally in a baby voice. Yes, it sounds cute and motherly, but that would have been extremely awkward if I had given in to these animalistic urges and uttered those words while it was just Maria and I in that dark room. It goes without saying that I would be embarrassed, so I held back, but I'm glad I can talk like a baby at the new ultrasound photos hanging from our fridge!

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