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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gettin' all did up

In further celebration of Chadly's birthday, we are meeting the two families down South in San Juan Capistrano for some good old fashion Italian cookin'. Seeing as this is an actual event, I think that I should put some effort into myself. Yes, the once hour-long getting-ready time limit has sadly reduced down to maybe five minutes at most, much to my dismay, but tonight will be different! Are you ready for this..........?

I. Think. I'm. Going. To. Curl. My. Hair.


(gasp! there's an "and")


Yes, my life is now at the point where even putting on makeup deserves the emphasis of caps lock. Sad? Definitely. But it will be a glorious night, full of me looking like a human being who actually has not fallen down the rabbit hole of vain-obscurity, and my two boys will undoubtedly be as charming as ever :)

Hopefully we will be looking something along the lines of how we did on this day:

Look at us looking all fresh and glorious!
(......Except hopefully I will have curled hair)

So even though it's now a rarity for me to pick up some eye liner, I get to hang around that little guy all the time :) 

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