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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random awesome situations

Yesterday was scorching hot in our little apartment (thanks, afternoon sun who insists on beating into our living room, thus boiling me alive), so I did something I've never done before: I took Carter to the lagoon by myself!

I've never done this before because I always figured it would be so much work to get in and out of the car, keep an eye on an energetic toddler, and find time to relax, all without help, but yesterday I reached a whole new level of desperation. I had to get out!

After seeming to have mastered multitasking {if only for an afternoon}, I felt so nifty and "with it," that I even took a video!
{Don't worry, it's short}

Precious :)

{ First random awesome moment}
Once we made our way up to the gate surrounding our little community's beach/pool, I had some considerable difficulty getting the two of us through the actual door. My hands were full with all of our goodies, as well as a humongous floaty toy which we didn't use once, so I was trying to prod Carter towards the pool with my left leg. He was being shy, so I started to say things like, "okay, Carter, we've really got to get moving," with a little less patience. As soon as we finally got in there, one of the lifeguards told me that she was an Alpha Chi Omega from CSUF, and that she's read all about our little family on this here blog! I was so excited to meet her, but felt sort of embarrassed for being such a short tempered weirdo while walking through the gate! Thinking back, it was actually probably a pretty funny scene, considering my hair was frazzled beyond all frazzled, and my face was all red from being so hot {darn you, heat!}.

{Second random awesome moment}
So today Carter and I were circling the parking lot where McDonalds and Chronic Taco are located {that's a double whammy: a McCafe and lunch without any effort! Woohooo!} waiting for Chad to emerge with said meal, and I all of a sudden spotted a girl with an Alpha Chi Omega shirt on. Now, I have no idea what came over me, but I rolled down my window with every intention of yelling, "Hey! Are you an Alpha Chi?! I'm an Alpha Chi! Where did you go to school?! You are awesome!" As soon as I got a hold of myself, I realized that I knew that particular AXO! So it was a random Alpha Chi sister spotting once again! It was pretty cool, and I was super pumped after talking to her because she is just so gosh darn cute!  


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