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Monday, July 25, 2011

Beware: one woman's rant

What the heck?
Why. Do. I. Still. Feel. Like. I. Would. Rather. Become. Blood. Brothers. With. Lord. Voldemort. Than. Take. One. More. Prenatal. Pill?
Why, I ask, Why?!

Whatever happened to feeling better in your second trimester? Whatever happened feeling fit and trim? Whatever happened to caring about the fact that my mud-colored brown roots have grown a good three inches from my scalp? 

I'll tell you what happened!
This ole' body of mine has decided that it wants to remain in first trimester hell! It has turned on me, mutinied, if you will, and I have no choice but to go along with it! 
Oh yeah, and did I mention that my new prenatal pills give me morning sickness? Yeah. Isn't that great? Morning sickness in my second trimester! Why?!

I know that there's no better reason in the world to feel so horrendous, but sheesh! 
Cut me a break, bod, cut me a break!

Look at that happy pregnant woman! I can't even believe that was me with my first pregnancy! Yes, it may appear that I'm happy only because I'm about to chow down on some fabulous Tommy's and cup cakes, but I remember those days specifically and I was all smiles! I was a big barrel of energy, a far cry to nowadays! Where has that pregnant woman gone off to?!

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  1. i know i'm a little late to comment here, but just had to say that my prenatals always made me sick in the morning, too. so i always took them right before bed so i could fall asleep before the sickness hit. just a thought for you.... maybe it'll help. :-S


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