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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feeling a bit sensitive today

Today is just one of those days where I feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat. I don't know if it's because Babe #2 is having a ball in there by shooting off my hormones like fireworks, or if it's because I just so happened to have stumbled upon an abnormally abundant amount of mommy paraphernalia this morning designed to tug at the ole' heart strings.

Case in point:
Situation #1: While Carter was feeding himself his oatmeal from his big boy chair (we got him a booster seat for the table), before he would actually put the food in his mouth he would look at me and say, "hot, hot! Danger!" And I would answer, "you gotta blow! you gotta blow!" At which point he would give two little puffs and then stuff the entire blob in his mouth! It's just unbelievable that he is able to operate on that level nowadays, and even  more adorable that he feels it's important to show me that he knows a thing or two!

Situation #2: We went to the little kiddie pool today before nap time, and there were a huge brood of children for one overworked mommy/babysitter. Carter was pretty shy the majority of the time, but took an interest in their Buzz Lightning toy. Right before we got out to leave, I said, "okay, Carter, time to give the toy back!" And he walked across the little pool while holding my hand, gave the four year his toy, and then said "thank you" without me prompting him! I was one proud mama.
*sniff, sniff*

Situation #3: Toy Story 3. Need I say more? I watched a few minutes of that movie while I was eating second-breakfast (that's what I call it now). Anyone who's seen the first twenty minutes of that movie knows what I'm talking about. It started off with a home video of Andy growing up, showing a sweetheart of a boy, and then it moved into present day, seventeen-year-old brat Andy. It made me sad that he grew up to have an attitude! Anyway, I  was literally bawling my eyes out during the home video section, and then started really crying when the toys were sad that he didn't want to play with them anymore! I know I sound hysterical, but goodness sakes! That will be Carter one day! 
*kleenex, pronto!*

Situation #4: Right as I was putting Carter down for his nap, he gave me a humongous bear hug, and as if that wasn't enough to get me going, I went straight from his bedroom to check on my daily blogs where I found an unusual amount of heart-wrenching motherly love stories. That was the kicker. After that I threw in the towel and just signed myself over to feeling sensitive (something I usually try to push away because I don't want to deal with the tears!). 
*boooom - that was me blowing my nose. Believable?*

There we were when he was 6 months old.....Before I know it he's going to be heading off to USC or Yale or Harvard or Berkeley or......Okay, I'll relax, but it just really makes me want to savor those little moments!

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  1. Ok I have a confession I am horrible bestie and have never read your blog. I must say not only do I LOVE reading about your life you are also quite hilarious! And might I add a brilliant writer , I thnk maybe you should become a writer! I'm serious!! I love you and now have your blog added to the home screen of my iPhone !!! Litb Whittier


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