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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thinking about yours truly

So I was feeling narcissistic today, {a.k.a. way too into myself}, so I decided to take a look at a few of my old posts from the past few months. There were three in particular that I wanted to revisit, since I remember writing them vividly, and I wanted to see what I thought about them now that this here blog has become a facet in my daily routine. {Did anyone notice how many times I said "I" in the past few sentences? Sheesh!}

Are you ready for these thangs?

Okay, post #1, as in literally #1. This was the first time I had stepped foot into blog-land, and I mainly did it because I kept hearing how much fun these things were, which of course, turned out to be completely true. Now I'm not sure if you actually read it,  but I'm happy to confirm that I really do feel like I get some "productive 'me'" time in during Carter's naps. It's really a great little invention, these blogs. Also, it made me think back to the time when Carter ate anything and everything I gave him, and how now it's somewhat of a battle to get him to eat certain most food groups. Oh, the joys!

A future me? It's not too

That was fun! On to post #2: my alleged "style revolution." Oh, man. Where do I even start on this one? Well, let's just say that jean-wearing has somehow left the building once again. I know it's because I can barely fit into any of my old jeans and shorts, but that's not the point! "Slapping some make-up on" has proven to be way more easily said than done, which is sad, in my opinion. The only thing I can hope for from this point on is enough energy and spirit to put some gosh darn effort into my appearance! For heavens sakes! Get it together, Nicole! Anyway, I remember writing this one so clearly because I was in somewhat of a huff, and I was trying to force myself to keep it up. Well, hopefully after Babe #2 comes along I'll re-find my inner fashionista, darnit!

How? How does she find the motivation?! Anyway, that will be me once Babe #2 arrives.......ahem......

Okay, last one! Here's post #3: my New Years resolutions for 2011. Cliff notes, you ask? Okay, here goes: Resolution #1: become a better morning person - well, nowadays Carter wakes up around 8:30, and sometimes not until 9:00, so by that time I'm usual on the up-and-up, but just to please myself, I'm going to have to mark that one up as a successful resolution beautifully executed {albeit, conveniently so}. Resolution #2: become a better cook/home manager - I still hate that I used the word "home manager," but hey? What are ya gonna do? Anyway, I feel that this one is 50/50. Sometimes I'm awesome, sometimes I'm not, and I've come to find out that that's just the way it is. The end. Resolution #3: go to the snow/visit Hearst Castle: still in the works, but it's happening, baby! Resolution #4: become a better correspondence-er: eek. That's all I have to say about that one, to my great disappointment. Lastly, resolution #5: run a marathon - this makes me laugh. Why didn't I think about the fact that we were planning for Babe #2 when I wrote this? How ridiculous! Running a marathon by the end of the year is about as likely as me putting jeans on and buttoning without the help of a rubber band. Yeah, I said it.

I challenge you, Angus and Phil!

Man, that was long! Sorry, folks! Like I said, I was feeling narcissistic!

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